Shiki-AkariStained-Glass Lamps inspired by Japan’s Four Seasons

(Byobu Lamp)
(Box Lamp)
(Individual works)

《Stained glass creations express and project the delicate world of color in Japan, which changes as the seasons pass. 》
Graceful lamps embodying Japanese delicate sense of aesthetics invite you to an imaginary world.

The original lighting creations combine a stained-glass lamp with a unique base, which is decorated with gold leaf, natural stone, or other materials. Every stained-glass part is made of pieces of cut glass, not painted glass. The smallest piece is rice-grain sized.
Skills and craftsmanship have realized the creation using simple materials and simple techniques, sticking to using only colors of glass pieces.

The inspirations sources of the creations are beautiful Japanese words, which are rooted in the sense of seasons. I aim to create works that remind viewers of the poetic image expressed by such Japanese words.

It adds sensitive light to diverse places from hotels, restaurants, commercial facilities including apparel shops, kominka (Japanese traditional house), and private residences whether Japanese, Ethnic, or other style.

Akari-Byobu (Byobu Lamp)
Akari-Byobu (Byobu Lamp)
Byobu: a kind of Japanese furnishings that blocks wind and eyes.
It also represents existence of a noble person.

The Byobu series expresses space of Japanese beauty in a unique and graceful way
by combining the concept of Byobu and stained-glass lamp.
This combination also results in enhanced presence of the creation.

Yukizukiyo (Snowy Moonlit Night)(Produced in 2015)
In a snowy night, a crane gracefully dances under the gentle moonlight.

Amanogawa (Milky Way)(Produced in 2013)
Milky Way shines with particular brilliance in summer because it is situated
in the direction toward the center of the galaxy in that season.

Shurin (Autumn gentle rain)(Produced in 2014)
Vibrant blue blossoms of Morning Glory are in full bloom in prolonged autumn gentle rain.

Seiren(Produced in 2018)
In summer, the white lotus blooming refreshingly with lush green leaves.

Jitsuren(Produced in 2018)
In autumn, the lotus flowers will wither but leave ripe seeds in the torus. Even if they looks withered, the lotus are elegance and beautiful as their internal essence is oozing out to the surface.

Akari-Hako (Lamp Box)
Akari-Hako (Lamp Box)
Although there are diverse kinds of Hako (box) in Japanese traditional craft works, the Hako represented by the character “匣” is a box that has a tight-fitting lid.  A beautiful box always excites our interests in its contents.
The Hako series represents a brilliant box, which contain someone’s memories.

Momiji (Autumn leaves)(Produced in 2014)
Maple leaves fallen on the autumn fields and mountains.

Hakuro (White dews)(Produced in 2013)
One of the 24 Solar terms defined in the traditional Chinese calender, in which white dews appear on grass leaves. Shira tsuyu ni Kaze no fukishiku Aki no no wa Tsuranuki-tomenu Tama zo chiri keru. (This lovely morn the dewdrops flash like diamonds on the grass— A blaze of sparkling jewels! But the autumn wind, alas! scatters them as I pass.) [A Hundred Verses from Old Japan (The Hyakunin-isshu), by William N. Porter, [1909]]

Ippin (Individual works)
Ippin (Individual works)
Ippin: Free-minded creations made of natural wood, driftwood, or other materials.

Tori Kinomi Kourogata Lamp
(Incense-Burner-Shaped Lamp with Birds and Fruits)(Produced in 2012)
A lovely lamp shaped as an incense burner decorated with little birds pecking at fruits under blue sky.

Sekko (Scent in Snow)(Produced in 2015)
Red plum blossoms in snow of early spring.

Shunko (Scent in Spring)(Produced in 2015)
White plum blossoms amid spring haze.

Hiromi Suzuki

《My personal story about a plum tree》
A short while ago, I had a plum tree that had lived for several decades in my yard. The tree was one of my concerns because it attracted many insects and worms, which annoyed me every year. In addition, every time I tried to disbranch it, I hurt my shoulder. Finally I cut the trunk of the plum tree and it died. Now I feel that I have to apologize to the spirit of plum blossoms. Probably I will continue to create works depicting plum blossoms throughout my life.

《Personal History》
1988 Retired from Mitsui Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd., and started to work at a stained-glass factory where I learned stained-glass related skills.
2002– Collaborated with Shinyo Denki interior shop Lampada and created Lampada’s original stained-glass lamp.
2007– Started to learn under Mr. Takashi Matsumoto, who previously worked at the Matsumoto Stainedglass Co., Ltd.
2012 Participated in Kyokubi Exhibition at the Tsukuba Museum.
Participated in Kyokubi Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and earned the Special Award.
2013 Participated in Kyokubi Exhibition at the Tsukuba Museum.
Participated in Kyokubi Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
2015 Participated in the Japan Stained Glass Artist's Association's Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
Participated in the exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Stained Glass at the Japanese Culture House of Paris.
2017 Participated in Yubikai International Art Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Please feel free to contact me about my creations or anything else.